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Best VPN for Kodi Easy Setup

Best VPN for Kodi

This new guide examines the best VPNs for Kodi that offer fast speeds, strong security, and full support for all streaming devices. We have thoroughly tested and researched all of the top Kodi VPNs to find the best options for 2021 – updated test results below!

Using a VPN for Kodi is now essential if you want to enhance and secure your streaming experience. A good VPN will protect you against internet service provider (ISP) spying and potential copyright issues, while also giving you full access to third-party add-ons and streams.

But how do you find the best VPN for Kodi in 2021 with so many to choose from? This guide will show you which VPNs performed best in our test results. We’ll also cover easy Kodi VPN setup options, tips, and other ways to maximize your streaming ability.

WARNING: Although most VPNs are claiming to work with Kodi, the truth is that many of them suffer from various problems:

  • traffic leaks that expose your IP address
  • low-quality and buggy apps that crash
  • slow speeds from server network congestion

There are also VPNs that have logged user data for government agencies, all while claiming to be “no logs”. A popular example of this is IPVanish and the infamous IPVanish logs case. Another example of a “no logs” VPN gone rogue is PureVPN.

In this guide we’re only going to highlight the best VPNs for Kodi that did well in real-world testing for traffic leaks, speed, app performance, and more.

Ranking criteria – All of the Kodi VPN services below meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer custom VPN apps for all major Kodi streaming devices
  2. Passed all tests with no leaks found (no IP address leaks or DNS leaks)
  3. Reliable connections and fast speeds throughout the server network
  4. Supports the OpenVPN protocol and strong encryption standards
  5. Offers a money-back guarantee (between 7 and 30 days)
  6. Located in a safe privacy jurisdiction (outside the US, UK, and Five Eyes countries)
  7. Trustworthy and well-established VPN with a good track record

Here are the best VPNs for Kodi streaming in 2021:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for Kodi in 2021

VPN ExpressVPN
Based in British Virgin Islands
Logs No logs
Price $6.67/mo.
Support 24/7 Live chat
Refund 30 days

ExpressVPN earns the top spot as the best VPN for Kodi. ExpressVPN gives you the largest selection of high-quality apps that can be used on all devices (Kodi TV boxes, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, routers, and more). All plans come with a 30 day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 live chat support.

ExpressVPN does not restrict P2P torrenting in any way, on any server. This may be important for Kodi streaming or accessing certain Kodi add-ons which require P2P support. It is also the best VPN for Firestick and Fire TV, being able to access all major streaming services.

Aside from just streaming, ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN service that can be used for many other purposes. Whether you want more privacy and security online or a way to unblock websites, ExpressVPN is a solid choice. ExpressVPN’s applications come with a great lineup of privacy and security features. These features include DNS and IP leak protection, a good kill switch (Network Lock feature), and secure servers to keep your data safe.

Kodi streaming with ExpressVPN is very easy and straightforward. Specific instructions depend on the operating system and device you are using to stream Kodi. Check out the ExpressVPN Kodi page here for more information. Here is a recent speed test I ran with ExpressVPN giving me around 150 Mbps (on a 160 Mbps connection). It’s one of the fastest VPNs I have tested.

fastest vpn for kodi
ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs for Kodi based on my test results.

Real-Debrid – ExpressVPN is also a great option if you want to access Real Debrid. Although it is technically listed as a non-cooperative VPN, every ExpressVPN server I tested worked perfectly with Real Debrid and there were no problems. The Real Debrid page currently states that 25,219 ExpressVPN IP addresses work with Real Debrid.

ExpressVPN is also a great VPN for streaming Netflix – as well as other streaming services such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Sky Go, and more.

+ Pros

  • User-friendly and reliable apps
  • Full Kodi support for all major streaming devices and operating systems
  • Exceptional speeds throughout the server network (fastest VPN tested)
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Split tunneling feature (for Mac OS, Windows, and routers)
  • Works with Netflix and all other streaming services
  • 24/7 live chat support

– Cons

  • More expensive than some other VPNs (but currently offering a 49% discount)

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2. NordVPN – Best value VPN for Kodi

Based in Panama
Logs No logs (audited)
Price $3.71/mo.
Support 24/7 Live chat
Refund 30 days

Another solid VPN for Kodi is NordVPN. It is based in Panama and offers a huge server network and good apps for a very competitive price. In testing out the service for the latest update to the NordVPN review, I found everything to work well without any major issues or concerns. NordVPN offers some great privacy features, including double-hop VPN configurations, Tor-over-VPN servers, and an ad-blocking feature called CyberSec.

NordVPN’s updated server network is great for streaming Kodi. You can choose from 5,700+ servers in 59 countries, all of which offer full streaming support. And if you need any help setting up NordVPN for Kodi, they offer 24/7 live chat support and can walk you through setup options. NordVPN also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on all plans.

Setting up NordVPN to use with Kodi is simple with any device. You can easily install NordVPN apps on Kodi TV boxes, computers, tablets, phones, routers, and more. NordVPN also works will with Real Debrid, Exodus, and all other Kodi addons. NordVPN currently has 10,774 IP addresses that work with Real Debrid. The latest speed tests in the NordVPN vs IPVanish comparison prove it has excellent performance throughout the network.

When you use the NordVPN coupon for 68% off, the price is only $3.71 per month. This makes NordVPN the cheapest VPN for Kodi (among the recommended Kodi VPN providers).

+ Pros

  • User-friendly and fully-featured VPN apps
  • Full support for all Kodi streaming devices and operating systems
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Double-hop VPN servers, Tor-over-VPN servers, and P2P servers
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • No logs (audited)
  • Works with Netflix and other streaming services
  • CyberSec feature to block ads and tracking

– Cons

  • Big discounts only available for long-term plans

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3. Surfshark – Reliable and affordable VPN for Kodi streaming

VPN Surfshark
Based in British Virgin Islands
Logs No logs
Price $2.49/mo.
Support 24/7 Live chat
Refund 30 days

Surfshark is an up-and-coming VPN service that launched in 2018 and has taken the VPN market by storm. Despite being a newer VPN service, I found it to perform very well in the Surfshark VPN review. It is a fully-featured service with a lot to offer, at a very reasonable price with an 81% discount coupon.

In terms of streaming with Kodi, Surfshark VPN has a lot to offer. You can use Surfshark’s VPN apps on a wide range of Kodi devices, from Kodi TV boxes to laptops, tablets, and phones. You can easily stream Kodi through the Zomboided VPN Manager add-on (instructions below). If you enjoy streaming Fire TV, Surfshark has an app for that, too.

Additionally, Surfshark offers extensive support for all major streaming services. They currently unblock 10 different Netflix libraries, including all major regions around the world. Surfshark also works with BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more.

Lastly, Surfshark is one of the cheapest VPN services for Kodi that still works well. It is only $2.49 per month when you go with the two-year plan and 81% discount. This is quite impressive when you also consider that Surfshark gives you an unlimited number of connections. So if you are looking for a good budget Kodi VPN service, this might fit the bill.

+ Pros

  • Unlimited connections
  • User-friendly apps for all devices and operating systems
  • CleanWeb feature to block ads, trackers, and malware domains
  • Works great with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Split tunneling feature
  • Secure encryption and leak protection features

– Cons

  • Variable speeds with some servers
  • No OpenVPN protocol for Mac OS

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Our Surfshark review has more info and test results.

4. VPNArea for Kodi

Based in Bulgaria
Logs No logs
Price $2.99/mo.
Support 24/7 Live chat
Refund 30 days

The fourth Kodi VPN that earned a recommendation is VPNArea. This Bulgaria-based provider performed well in the latest update to the VPNArea review. VPNArea gives you great speed and excellent applications with secure leak protection features. It’s a trusted no logs VPN service with an excellent track record.

VPNArea also continues to work well with Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other streaming options. For privacy, VPNArea offers very secure applications with advanced leak protection, good privacy features, and ad blocking DNS servers. Subscriptions come with a 30 day money-back guarantee as well as 24/7 live chat support.

VPNArea also works with Real Debrid and other Kodi addons. I did not find any issues in testing out VPNArea with Kodi. Streaming quality and speeds were great.

+ Pros

  • No logs
  • Excellent speed and reliability
  • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services
  • Strong security features, with self-hosted DNS
  • Ad blocking DNS servers
  • Dedicated IP addresses available
  • 24/7 live chat support

– Cons

  • Limited number of Netflix streaming servers (but still works well)

5. VyprVPN for Kodi

Based in Switzerland
Logs No logs (audited)
Price $2.50/mo.
Support Chat and email
Refund 30 days

The final Kodi VPN we’ll examine is VyprVPN. VyprVPN is a Switzerland-based provider that owns every server in its network. This offers a high degree of security and also great speeds. It’s a great VPN for Kodi streaming due to the performance aspect and large selection of user-friendly apps for all major devices and operating systems. The server selection is also good.

VyprVPN is also very affordable with the current discount below, dropping the prices down to only $2.50 per month with the 2-year plan. I also found VyprVPN to work with Real Debrid without any issues or problems. If you need help setting up VyprVPN with Kodi, the live chat support is useful.

+ Pros

  • Good speeds throughout the server network
  • Secure and reliable applications with built-in leak protection (kill switch)
  • Obfuscation features to defeat VPN blocking
  • Entirely self-owned and operated server network, including secure DNS (no third parties)
  • User-friendly applications for many devices/platforms

– Cons

  • No cryptocurrency payment options

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Why you need a VPN with Kodi

In the past few years, countries around the world have really started cracking down on copyright infringement. There are three major trends we see unfolding right now:

  • New laws which threaten jail time and massive fines for any form of copyright infringement. This can even include accessing unofficial Kodi channels and streams. The US and UK both have laws threatening 10 years in jail for copyright infringement.
  • Countries are actively blocking access to websites, Kodi add-ons, and streams. This is a problem in the UK and Australia. The blocks are often carried out by internet providers on behalf of the copyright holders (industry). A VPN will easily get around any of these blocks.
  • Lawsuits, DMCA notices, and other legal action for alleged copyright violations. This is a growing industry whereby “copyright trolls” (lawyers) target Kodi users with threatening notices and demanding you pay up (settle the suit) or face even higher fines. The scary thing here is that most internet providers will hand over evidence of your online activity to third parties (if you’re not using a VPN).

Here are just a few headlines to illustrate the trends we see unfolding with Kodi streaming, torrenting, and copyright issues:

kodi blocked vpn

And here was a headline warning Kodi users in the United Kingdom:

is vpn for kodi legal

Fortunately, a good VPN is the solution to these risks because it will:

  • Encrypt and anonymize your internet connection
  • Hide your real IP address and location
  • Give you full access to all Kodi streams and third-party add-ons

The same arguments apply if you are looking for the best VPN for torrenting.

Is streaming Kodi with a VPN legal?

With the scary headlines above, you may be wondering if streaming Kodi with a VPN is legal.

Answer: Yes, it is legal to use a VPN service with Kodi, but copyright infringement remains illegal in most areas.

The trouble is, Kodi streaming is often a grey area. There are many official Kodi add-ons that are perfectly legal to watch anywhere. However, there are also third-party streams that may not be legal depending on the content and your location.

This is why we always recommend streaming Kodi with a VPN at all times. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

But also, never forget that the streams you access are entirely your business – not the business of your ISP. We all have a fundamental right to privacy – and that extends to your Kodi streaming as well! (And of course, none of this is legal advice!)

Why should you use a VPN with Kodi?

A VPN is the ultimate solution for Kodi streaming and protecting yourself from the risks above. A good VPN service will allow you to easily:

1. Encrypt and anonymize your online activity

A Kodi VPN will encrypt and anonymize all your internet traffic. This means that your internet service provider, authorities, hackers, and various third parties will not be able to spy on your browsing and online activities because your traffic is unreadable (thanks to encryption).

kodi streaming safe secure
Using a VPN will encrypt and anonymize your Kodi streaming.

The graphic above from ExpressVPN illustrates how a VPN protects your traffic and online privacy from third parties, such as copyright trolls.

2. Hide your IP address and physical location

Another great feature you get with the best VPN services is the ability to hide your IP address and real location. When you connect to a VPN server, your real IP address and location will be replaced by that of the VPN server. This is a huge advantage as it provides you with a higher level of online anonymity.

Additionally, this allows you to spoof a location from anywhere in the world where your VPN has a server. You can virtually pretend to be in any location that has the best Kodi content.

2. Access blocked Kodi addons

Chances are, many of the Kodi add-ons you want to access may be blocked by your internet provider. This is especially the case in the UK, but content blocks are being used elsewhere too. To get around this problem, simply connect to a VPN server and access any blocked Kodi add-on or stream.

With any of the recommended Kodi VPNs on this page, you will have instant access to a worldwide network of servers. Since these are regional restrictions, connecting to a VPN server outside your country will unlock the Kodi add-on you need. This is the exact same reason that people use a VPN for China to access blocked websites.

3. Stay safe and secure online

A VPN is an important security tool to protect your data whenever you are online – whether you are streaming Kodi or not. Hackers regularly exploit public wireless spots, such as in cafes, airports, and hotels. Using public WiFi without a VPN leaves you exposed to these risks, which could result in identify theft, fraud, or personal documents/passwords being stolen.

VPN services are also necessary for privacy since your online activities are being tracked and recorded by various third parties. A VPN will give you the online privacy you need when streaming Kodi.

How to use a VPN for Kodi streaming

Setting up a VPN for Kodi is quick and easy if you are using a good VPN service provider. The Kodi VPNs recommended on this page all provide custom apps you can use on different operating systems and devices. This makes it easy to download and setup a VPN in just a few minutes.

To use a VPN with Kodi you basically have two different methods.

Method 1: Using a VPN to stream with Kodi separately

Using a VPN with Kodi separately just means your VPN is running in the background, encrypting all your internet traffic, while you stream with Kodi as normal. This is the most common option that will work well on many different platforms and devices. It also offers the most security against leaks by keeping your data completely secure through the native VPN application. We will go over setup instructions in the Kodi VPN Setup section below.

Method 2: Using a VPN within Kodi via add-ons/apps

Using a VPN within Kodi via addons or apps is not an option for most devices (as of now). This VPN Kodi setup is limited to Linux-based platforms (OpenELEC and LibreELEC), Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi 3. We will cover setup steps in the Kodi VPN Addon section below.

How to set up a VPN for Kodi

The steps below will show you how to install a VPN for Kodi. With this setup, your VPN will be running in the background and encrypting all internet traffic (using the VPN app) while you stream with Kodi as normal.

You can use Kodi on the following platforms:

And finally, you can also use Kodi on the following devices:

  • Nvidia Shield – To use Kodi on Nvidia Shield, simply download the Kodi Android app.
  • Amazon Fire Stick – To use Kodi on your Fire Stick, just use the Downloader app and then load the Kodi Android APK file.
  • Chromebox – To use Kodi on Chromebox, check out this guide.
  • Google Nexus Player – To install on Google Nexus Play you will need a separate installer – see here.

OK, so you have Kodi setup and working on one of the devices/platforms above. Now let’s use Kodi with a VPN by following these four steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to a good VPN service

In this tutorial, we will be using ExpressVPN because it offers the largest selection of Kodi apps that are fast, reliable, and secure. It is the best VPN for Kodi based on the most recent test results.

setup vpn kodi 2020
ExpressVPN remains the top recommendation as the best VPN for Kodi. You can also get a three months free coupon to test out the service.

Step 2: Install the VPN app for Kodi

The next step is to simply install the VPN application on the device you will be using to stream Kodi.

If you go with ExpressVPN, setup will be quick and easy because their website includes numerous guides, how-to videos, and 24/7 live chat support to help you with the installation.

vpn kodi android tv box

Note – If you are using one of the many Android-based Kodi boxes, you can simply install the Android VPN app on the device. If you have questions, simply ask ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live chat support, and they will walk you through the installation process.

Setting up a VPN for Kodi will be different depending on the device you are using.

Step 3: Connect to a VPN server

After installing the VPN on your Kodi device, the next step is to login and connect to a VPN server.

Tip – Connecting to the nearest server possible will improve both speed and reliability. If streams or websites are blocked in your country, connecting to a server in a nearby country should get around these restrictions.

With your Kodi VPN connection activated, you are now ready to stream with more privacy and security.

Step 4: Open Kodi and enjoy your streaming

Now that you have your VPN connected, you can stream anything you want with full privacy protection. Everything you stream on Kodi will be encrypted and secured by your VPN, making your online activities unreadable to third parties.

As you can see, using Kodi with a VPN is actually quite simple.

Kodi VPN addons

Another way to use a VPN with Kodi is through addons. With this option, you can control your VPN from within Kodi. Unfortunately, however, this setup is limited to only a few platforms (listed below).

Another drawback is that this method is generally less secure than using a dedicated VPN app outside of Kodi. That’s because dedicated VPN apps offer stronger privacy and security features to protect your data and these features will not be accessible when used within Kodi. And finally, setup will likely be more complex.

Below we will discuss two options for using Kodi VPN addons.

Zomboided VPN Manager

The Zomboided VPN Manager is another option for controlling your VPN directly from within Kodi. (Source code is here.)

This VPN addon supports many different services (including all VPNs recommended on this page). The Zomboided VPN Manager works with OpenVPN and can be used on the following operating systems:

  • LibreELEC (7.x onwards)
  • OpenELEC (5 onwards)
  • Other Linux-based installs (e.g. OSMC)
  • Windows (Windows 7 tested)

Unfortunately, the Zomboided VPN manager is limited to only these platforms. Consequently, you won’t be able to use it with most Kodi boxes, which run on Android. The GitHub page also lists all of the VPNs that have been tested and found to work with this VPN addon.

Below are the basic steps for installing up Zomboided VPN Manager on Kodi. (Note: these are general instructions – the exact steps may be different for your situation and setup. See the Zomboided GitHub page for more info.)

  1. Download the Zomboided repository and transfer it to your device for uploading to Kodi.
  2. On Kodi, open SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install from zip file
  3. Navigate to where you downloaded the Zomboided repository, and then select it.
  4. Wait for the add-on enabled notification, then select Install from repository > Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > Install. Now wait for the add-on enabled notification (it make take some time).
  5. In the VPN Configuration Window select your VPN provider, then enter your VPN username and password for authentication.
  6. Select the VPN Connection tab, select First VPN connection (optionally used to auto connect during boot).
  7. A pop-up window should appear and you will be able to select the location to connect to.
  8. The option Second VPN connection should appear. This will allow you to add different VPN server locations. The same applies for more connections, with up to 10 different VPN locations.

Kodi VPN add-ons conclusion – Installing VPN addons inside Kodi can sometimes be tricky – but it all depends on your setup. If you are having trouble installing one of these Kodi VPN addons, you may just want to use Kodi and your VPN service separately (method 1 from above).

VPN for Kodi box

Many people enjoy streaming Kodi through a Kodi TV box. Installing a VPN on a Kodi TV box is quite easy in most cases. This allows you to unlock any blocked or restricted add-ons, while protecting your privacy at the same time.

vpn for kodi box
Use a VPN with your Kodi box for maximum privacy and streaming freedom.

The most popular TV boxes are those based on Android.

Kodi Android TV Boxes with a VPN

When it comes to using a Kodi box with a VPN, Android-based boxes are a great choice. First, there is a very large selection of high-quality, high-performance Android Kodi boxes on the market. Second, using a VPN directly on your Android box is usually pretty simple. That’s because all of the VPNs on this page provide Android VPN apps that you can easily configure onto your Kodi box.

To install a VPN on your Android Kodi box, just navigate to the app store and download the app from your VPN provider. Popular Android Kodi boxes include:

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Matricom G-Box
  • Emtec Gem Box
  • Seguro Trongle X4
  • DroidBOX PlayOn GPD XD
  • Tops MXV Android TV BOX Amlogic S905
  • Mini M8S II 4K Android 6.0 TV BOX
  • T95Z Plus Android TV Box Amlogic S912
  • Beelink GT1 Ultimate TV Box
  • EstgoSZ H96 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi Box

There are also a few non-Android Kodi boxes you may want to use with a VPN. In these cases, you will need to side-load the VPN onto the device (instructions may vary).

There are also setup videos for Nvidia Shield, Fire Stick and other devices on the ExpressVPN website.

Tips for using Kodi with a VPN

Here are a few tips to get the most out of streaming Kodi:

Use a good VPN. Your data, privacy, and security are valuable. Choosing the wrong VPN could expose your identity, data, and activities to third parties. And as with all things, you typically get what you pay for when choosing a VPN.

Test your VPN. It’s good to periodically test your VPN to make sure it’s protecting your identity and keeping your data safe.

Connect to the closest server. Connecting to the closest possible server will give you the best speed and reliability. If you are in the UK, for example, and need to connect to a US server for a Kodi addon, it would be better to choose a VPN server in New York than one in Los Angeles.

Always use a VPN. If you have been streaming unofficial Kodi channels without a VPN, you should be careful. Lawyers often target people suspected of copyright infringement and hit them with lawsuits. Your internet service provider is most likely recording your activities (US, UK, and Australia), so be smart and always use a VPN to conceal your identity and online activities. This is basic privacy and common sense.

Be careful with Kodi addons. Downloading third-party software from unknown sources always comes with risks. Before downloading unofficial Kodi addons, do your research. Some Kodi addons may contain malware or other security problems. Tip: you can upload any file to VirusTotal to test for malware and other threats before installing anything.

Consider your VPN protocol. VPN services usually offer a variety of protocols to choose from. Typically, the stronger the encryption the slower the speeds. OpenVPN provides a good mix of speed and security. PPTP is considered insecure but will be faster than OpenVPN. Some VPNs, such as Surfshark, prioritize the IKEv2 protocol.

Enjoy Kodi with the best VPN service

The overall trends in online privacy and streaming freedom are clearly getting worse throughout the world. This is especially true when you consider the heavy fines for copyright violations and all the blocks and restrictions you see going up everywhere.

But don’t let these trends discourage you.

A good VPN service is your key to restoring your privacy and unlocking the freedom to access any Kodi streams or add-ons you want.

And even if you are not streaming Kodi, a good VPN will have the added benefit of protecting your privacy and securing your data from third parties.

Enjoy your Kodi streaming and stay safe!

Kodi VPN comparison table

Below is a recap of the best VPN services for Kodi.

All of these Kodi VPN services meet the following criteria:

  1. Offer custom VPN apps for all major Kodi streaming devices
  2. Passed all tests with no leaks found (no IP address leaks or DNS leaks)
  3. Reliable connections and fast speeds throughout the server network
  4. Supports the OpenVPN protocol and strong encryption standards
  5. Offers a money-back guarantee (between 7 and 30 days)
  6. Located in a safe privacy jurisdiction (outside the US, UK, and Five Eyes countries)
  7. Trustworthy and well-established VPN with a good track record

expressvpn for kodi

nordvpn for kodi

most secure VPN service 2020

VPNArea for kodi

VyprVPN for kodi

Final Disclaimer and Instructions from NetTodays

NetTodays is a platform for Best VPN Review and Which VPN Service is Best for you.  How to get Best Free VPN Review without the expense. NetTodays suggest how to utilize the most recent VPN and reviews about What is the Best VPN for Netflix. Best VPN built for speed, you can select a server at the country or city level and can favorite a location for future use. NetTodays help you to understand that What is the Best VPN on the Market. NetTodays provide you all these reviews and recondition about Best VPNs for Gaming

A VPN is a service that both encrypts your data and hides your IP address by bouncing your network activity through a secure chain to another server miles away. This obscures your online identity, even on public Wi-Fi networks, so you can browse the internet safely, securely, and anonymously.

NetTodays gives you answers to all questions which are in your mind about VPN.

NetTodays also suggest continually utilizing Best VPN when you are using a newer Wi-Fi Network. Here is a decent dependable guideline: If you’re away from the workplace or home, and you’re utilizing another person’s Wi-Fi (even that of a relative or a companion, since you can’t be sure whether they’ve been compromised), utilize a VPN. It’s especially significant in case you’re getting to help that has specifically distinguishing data. Keep in mind, a great deal goes on in the background, and you never truly know whether at least one of your applications is verifying behind the scenes and putting your data in danger.

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