Five ways you can use a VPN to improve your digital marketing

You may or may not be familiar with VPNs – virtual private networks – but they are essential for Internet security and an increasingly helpful tool for your digital marketing.

VPNs were originally developed to provide secure, private network connections for individuals and businesses. Today, millions of people worldwide use these private networks to protect their Internet browsing and sensitive data from online snoopers.

However, the usefulness of VPNs has evolved beyond their original intent, and today marketers use them as part of a broader marketing strategy.

So how exactly can a secure VPN help your marketing?

Let us start by explaining the basics of VPNs. In a few words, a VPN is like an Internet mask. When you log on to a network, your activities, everything you search, view, and download, are instantly visible to your Internet search provider (ISP). This information is also visible to unscrupulous Internet snoopers trying to capitalize on data breaches.

A VPN acts like a mask that masks your IP address and routes all your Internet traffic through a secure server hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Thus, you’ll be able to browse the Internet safely and, most importantly, anonymously.

Now let us discuss how the ability to surf in secret helps you with digital marketing.

Boost your local SEO – regardless of where “local” actually is

Local, organically grown SEO is something of a jackpot for any digital marker. However, suppose your target audience is in a different region than where you operate. In that case, it can be a challenge to gain the market insight you need for an effective local SEO strategy.

A VPN solves this problem by making any region you “local” region. With thousands of remote servers, you can securely connect to a network in India, France, or the US and surf like a local. This is critical to your local SEO and social media marketing, as where you surf significantly affects your search results. If you want to target locals, you need to see what they see.

Get the most out of your search engine marketing

As powerful as SEO is, SEM, search engine marketing, remains an important digital marketing tool. However, if you are paying for your hits, you want to make sure you are delivering the best message possible. A VPN can help you do that.

With a VPN, your marketing team can study the local landscape and competition anonymously and in the wild. They can see the SERPs as potential customers see them and target their ads accordingly.

Keep an eye on the competition

Speaking of competition, keeping an eye on what other industry players are doing is just innovative business. However, do not get caught in the act.

A VPN masks your IP address. You can browse the competition unhindered, and view their website, blogs, and products without them being able to identify the origin of the web traffic. This information can help your digital marketing team develop a competitive marketing strategy and gain insight into potential backlink opportunities without anyone knowing.

Make sure your private data stays private

Using a VPN disguises your IP location and helps protect your company’s private data while using public or unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

Marketers often deal with sensitive business and customer data that could cause significant damage if stolen by internet hackers or cybercriminals. VPNs help protect all of this information by using military-grade end-to-end data encryption. All the information that passes through your secure network is completely unreadable to enterprising Internet thieves.

Work securely from anywhere

As marketers work from many possible locations and are no longer limited to offices, the exposure to public and unsecured networks is much greater than in the past. And with remote work likely to become increasingly important, the need for VPNs has never been greater.

Normally, browsing public networks is like an invitation to compromise your data. But with a VPN, anyone can work securely from anywhere there’s an Internet connection without worrying.

As the digital world continues to evolve, so have the uses for VPNs in this rapidly changing environment.

Digital marketing is essential to a successful business, and VPNs give digital marketers the tools they need to perform, track their competitors, and develop successful strategies. And in a highly competitive world where the next cyber attack is just a few clicks away, VPNs help protect your business while they do it.

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