How to Watch the Winter Olympics FREE Online

How to Watch the Winter Olympics FREE Online (UPDATED)

The 2018 Winter Olympics are beginning on February, 9th in Pyeongchang, South Korea and many people are wondering how to watch the Olympics games online.

Luckily, no matter where you are located in the world, all you need is an internet connection to unlock and watch the best that winter Olympic sports have to offer.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, viewing the 2018 Olympics is difficult due to:

  • content blocks
  • restrictions
  • scheduling conflicts

But not to worry!

In this resource guide we will give you everything you need to know to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics for free. Here’s what we’ll cover in this Winter Olympics viewing guide:

  • Quick Access: How to watch the Olympics RIGHT NOW online.
  • Schedule: The times of your favorite Olympic sports events.
  • Tips: Tips for streaming the best Winter Olympics events from anywhere.

Watch the 2018 Olympics online right now

With the options listed below, you will need to be using an IP address in a specific country or region. This is because content distributors are increasingly restricting access – and this applies to the 2018 Olympic Games. But there is a simple solution: just use a VPN service that will give you access to IP addresses all over the world, thereby allowing you to spoof your location and appearing to be anywhere you want!

Step 1: Choose your channel for streaming the 2018 Olympic games

There are many different channels you can use to stream the Olympics online for free. Here are a few of the best options for different regions:

United States: SlingTV or FuboTV (Paid)

Paid: SlingTV is a great option for streaming the 2018 Winter Olympics. It offers full coverage of the Olympic games as well as numerous other channels and events. You will need a basic subscription, but you can also get a 7 day free trial on their website.

SlingTV will give you full access to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Paid: FuboTV is another solid choice for streaming the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea. Just like with SlingTV, you will also need a basic subscription to watch the Winter Olympics with FuboTV, but you can still get a 7 day free trial on their website.

fubo olympics 2018
You can watch the Winter Olympics with FuboTV.

Paid: The third and final option for streaming the Olympics from a United States-based channel is NBC. Unfortunately, to watch the 2018 Olympics with NBC you will need an expensive cable subscription. This makes NBC a non-option for the growing number of cord-cutters who don’t have cable.

United Kingdom: BBC Sport (Free)

FREE: The BBC iPlayer is an excellent resource that will offer full, FREE access to all of the Winter Olympics sporting events online. You can view the Olympics through the BBC iPlayer streaming service without having to register or sign in. But you will need to be using a UK IP address to access the Olympics, otherwise you will not have access:

bbc olympics online
You can watch the Olympics for free online with BBC, but you will need a UK IP address (see step 2).

To get free, instant access to BBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics through a UK IP address, simply jump down to step 2.

Canada: CBC (Free)

FREE: The CBC channel in Canada is another great option giving you complete live coverage of all Winter Olympic events. You can get full access with a Canada IP address on the CBC website here. Just like with the UK’s BBC, however, you will need a Canada IP address for access. Without a Canada IP address you will be blocked out due to “technical difficulties” below:

CBC Olympics 2018
CBC offers free, unlimited access to the 2018 Winter Olympics, but you will need a Canada IP address.

To get free, instant access to BBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics through a UK IP address, simply jump down to step 2.

Australia: 7 Network (Free)

FREE: The 7 Plus channel in Australia is another great option for viewing the 2018 Winter Olympics. Just like with the BBC and CBC channels, you will need to be using an Australia IP address to get access. Without an Australia IP address, you will find that 7Plus will block access due to a “technical issue”:

7 network olympics
You will need an Australia IP address to get full access to the 7 Network’s Olympic coverage.

If you’re in Australia, you can also check out the best VPN for Australia guide for the latest recommendations.

Now, let’s unlock access to all of these free Olympic streaming options for the 2018 games!

Step 2: Choose a VPN to give you unlimited worldwide access

olympics vpnIf you aren’t living in one of these countries to get free access to the 2018 Winter Olympics, all you need is a VPN.

Here are the three best VPN services for accessing the 2018 Winter Olympics with IP addresses from around the world:

  1. VyprVPN – VyprVPN offers some of the best VPN apps you will find, and it is quite cheap at only $3.75 per month (when you use the discount below). VyprVPN servers always offer excellent speeds and reliability in testing (see the review). You can get an exclusive 25% discount on VyprVPN subscriptions and a 3 day free trial here >>
  2. ExpressVPN – ExpressVPN is more expensive, but they are still offering an exclusive discount below to drop the price to $6.67 per month. ExpressVPN also gives you a 30 day money-back guarantee, great apps, fast speeds, and top-notch customer service. The apps work great for streaming on all devices and you can get an exclusive 49% discount on ExpressVPN subscriptions here >>
  3. NordVPN – NordVPN is a solid value for a VPN that works great in many different situations. Whether you want something to stream the Olympics, or perhaps unblock Netflix, or maybe you just want more privacy and encryption on public WiFi, NordVPN is a great all-around bet. They are also offering an exclusive discount which drops the price down to $3.99 per month. Get 66% off NordVPN here>>

Now that you have a VPN subscription, we’ll move on to step three.

Step 3: Install the VPN software on your device(s)

The next step is to download the VPN software onto your computer or online streaming device. To do this simply:

  1. Log in to the member’s areas.
  2. Download the VPN app for your operating system or device.
  3. Install and run the app and then login with your credentials.

Step 4: Connect to a VPN server location

Next, decide which streaming channel you want to use and then connect to a VPN server for that country. As a brief recap, here are your options for streaming the Winter Olympics:

  • United States – With Fubo or SlingTV (both paid)
  • United Kingdom – With BBC iPlayer (free)
  • Canada – With CBC (free)
  • Australia – With 7 Network (free)

TIP: I’d recommend choosing the closest channel to your location, which will improve the speed and reliability of your VPN service. For example, if you are in the United States, you’d be better off streaming through a server in Canada, rather than a server in the UK.

To connect to a VPN server, just open up the VPN app on your computer or device, and select the server location to change your IP address to the designated country.

Step 5: Access your Olympic streaming channel and enjoy!

Now, after connecting to the VPN server, you can simply visit the website of the channel you are using and enjoy the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Winter Olympics 2018 schedule

To get the exact time of every event, check out the official Pyeongchang Olympics schedule here.

During this last week of the winter Olympics we have a very busy schedule, which includes:

  • Alpine Skiing: 21, 22, 24 February
  • Biathlon: 20, 22, 23 February
  • Bobsled: 25 February
  • Cross-Country: 24-25 February
  • Curling: 23-25 February
  • Figure Skating: 20, 23 February
  • Freestyle Skiing: 20-23 February
  • Hockey: 21, 22, 24, 25 February
  • Nordic Combined: 20, 22 February
  • Short Track: 20, 22 February
  • Snowboarding: 22, 24 February
  • Speed skating: 21, 23, 24 February
  • Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Match: February 25th
  • Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony: Sunday, February 25th (at 8:00 AM EST)

You can get the exact schedule of different events on the channel you decide to use from above. Just check their website for a complete viewing schedule (but remember the time change).

Tips for streaming the Winter Olympics 2018

The biggest tip for streaming the Winter Olympics is to just use a good VPN service that will give you unlimited access to all the free channels around the world. (See ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, or NordVPN.)

With a VPN, you can pick and choose which channel and event you would rather watch, giving you far more options than somebody without a VPN service.

As mentioned above, choosing a VPN server that is closer to you will help ensure you have enough speed and reliability for great streaming.

Having problems? Contact your VPN service’s support. The three VPNs recommended above all offer live chat assistance to help you get everything working exactly the way you want it. Simply access the live chat support through their websites here:

It’s also good to remember that a VPN service will do far more than unlocking streams for the Olympics. It is an excellent privacy tool for securing your internet connection while also offering you more privacy and online anonymity. In short, it’s a good idea to always use a VPN, especially with the erosion of online privacy around the world and growing number of security threats.

Enjoy watching the 2018 Olympic Games!

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